Evil Behind the Keyboard


When did Social Media users become so MEAN?

When did the users evolve from posting adorable smiles of children,   

sharing laughter with their humorous stories,

making us hungry from delicious photos of meals,

conversing with old friends and reminiscing



bone chilling,

contempt and


Where are the stories that inspired us? Some of the heartwarming ones are still there but the comment section does its absolute best to shred the good and twist it into pure and deliberate evil.  

The outpour of hatred bleeds through the comments ripping apart all that was intended to be positive.

Where did the kindness go?

Why is everything so hateful, harmful and toxic?

Why does it appear that people actually enjoy fighting verbally online to prove to their own “friends” that their opinion is the “right” and only opinion that matters?

When did society become so cruel?

Why do so many people become bullies when their fingers hit the keyboard?

When did it become socially accepted to post things simply to embarrass and laugh at unknown people?  

How did we get so far from the human connection that we forgot that there is SOMEONE on the other side of your laughter and you are causing them pain.  They hurt from your words and your hatred.

How did strangers become so brutal to other strangers? Adults tearing apart other adults. Children feeling no connection to other children.  

How  is it that a person can  post a video with nothing but good intentions, and they instantly become the object of hatred  and ridicule? That person has a heart, feelings, and experiences pain. Do people forget that? How can so many hurt others, intentionally?

There are  serious monsters lurking at the keyboard, waiting for the opportunity to pounce on victims… victims that are helpless and innocent, who quickly find themselves the prey to one of the worst predators, the cyberbully.   

Social media users were not  so brutal a few years ago. It changed. The users changed. Did social media bring out the worst in so many, or was everyone just keeping the devil down low until they found an outlet?

What happened to society?

It’s not too late.  

I want it back.

You should want it back.

We need to return to when we shared in the happiness when reading about life’s little treasures, the pleasure in other people’s joy, and the moments of laughter from personal experiences.   The digital world should be leaving positive footprints, ones that we could all be proud to read and share, even if we scroll through the 1K plus comments.   

Everyone should keep in mind that these words will be left for OUR children, and OUR grandchildren and I really pray that they see the better side of humans, the side that I believe was once there before the world of negative social media took over.  

@HLF Expressions

Author: hlfexpressions

I write to share my ideas and thoughts, express my opinions and have an outlet for my creativity.

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