Her hair

so white, long and wiry

but she sees it as

exquisitely blonde and


Her skin

once smooth and supple,

is covered in crevices

and deepened paths that


her years of existence.

Her pants,

no longer securely

wrapped around her body,

displaying her fit curves

and desired shape,

loosely drags on the floor

and collects the dirt and


Her head

always twists sideways,

directing the sound waves  

into her “good ear”

to hear the spoken words.

Her hands

formerly strong and


trembles as she holds the

compact mirror in one

and the lipstick in the


She lifts the lipstick with

her shaking hand and

glides it over her chapped


She rolls her lips together,

trying to smooth the color

only causing it to clump

within the cracks.

She takes a final look with

her eyes that are

cloudy with cataracts,

into the compact mirror

and she sees exactly

what her memory allows.

She sees the girl she feels

within her heart.

The girl with the smooth

skin, luscious hair and

strong hands.

The girl that once was

and is no longer.