A divorce was something I never saw for my future.

It was like being torn open, and I needed  a suture.

So, I started dating again, as a grown adult.

Here are the outcomes and the basic result.


I once  dated a  man who woke up my soul.

He will always be remembered for making me back whole.

He was my first encounter after my painful divorce,

He made me feel like a woman meeting her white horse.


I once dated a man who was going through a similar situation.

We would spend hours swapping stories and having conversation.

He was my confidant, and someone I really enjoyed.

But he met a woman and any hope was soon destroyed.


I once dated a man who made me laugh non-stop.

His speciality was making yummy soup of egg drop.

His strengths were his desires, massages and jokes.

His weakness was being with a lot of other folks.


I once dated a man who was a crush from high school years.

Sadly, he had demons and often one too many beers.

But, I am grateful for him for opening my eyes

To an amazing group, which I will always have ties.


I once dated a man that gave me so much loving support.

My dad even drove me to pick him up at the airport.

We talked and laughed and we shared one wonderful evening.

But we knew it could never last because soon he’d be leaving.


I once dated a man who surprised me with riding horses.

We dined out at restaurants and ate many courses.

It was with great surprise when he cancelled our last date.

I guess he wanted out, and he just couldn’t wait.


I once dated a man who wrote and sung me a song.

It was so beautiful, and I thought we were going strong.

I was a bit startled,  when he said we needed to talk.

He told me he wasn’t feeling “it”, leaving me to take a walk.


I once dated a man who was extremely damn luscious.

He was gentle, kind, sexy and crazy delicious.

In a different world, and if we were closer in age,

I think  our story would have had a lot more on the page.  


I once dated a man who just wanted me to smile.

He went above and beyond,  always to the extra mile.

I take the blame, because my head wasn’t clear.

Timing is everything, I wish I met him this year.


I once dated a man who was my high school boyfriend.

For a brief moment I thought  we were meant to transcend.

But my teen wishes didn’t hold up to my single mom dreams.

At least this time when we ended, we didn’t need screams.


I once dated a man who I thought had hope.

But it wasn’t too long before we went on a downward  slope.

I made dinner, lit  candles, and thought it was THE night.

And then he never showed, so he can go fly a kite.


I once dated a man, that held my love for so MANY years.

Who caused me to shed an enormous amount of tears.

He said we were soulmates but then he changed his course,

And he crushed my heart with such a massive force.


I thank them all for the lessons that I have learned.

Some more than others, for I have been burned.

You might think I feel bitter, or even depressed.

But,  instead it’s all good since my feelings are expressed.


I have not given up, maybe there will be love one day.

It is quite possible by then that my hair will be ALL grey.

My goals are simple, my dreams are not complicated.

And I know that my heart can still be captivated.


But if not, its ok, I love my family and friends.

And I will keep smiling and laughing until the end.